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Turns Out Trumpet Soloist Really Is a Career, Leading Your Audience to Peaceful Moments, Getting Started on Piccolo, and Much More w/ Floris Onstwedder


“Trumpet soloist is an oxymoron”…We’ve heard it before. We even heard it on last week’s show w/ Patrick Oliverio.Well, Floris Onstwedder has something to say about that. At the ripe young age of 26, he’s already done some amazing things as a trumpet soloist. And I expect we’ll be hearing his name quite a bit…

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Going Acapella, The Oxymoronic Career as Trumpet Soloist, Finding Zen in Performance and Much More w/ Patrick Oliverio.


“Average Joe?!” I asked incredulously. “Yes, I…” “Average Joe???!!!” I asked, again stupefied. When it comes to the trumpet, Patrick Oliverio is anything but average. Solo cornetist w/ the Fountain City Brass Band, awarded first place in the graduate division of the 2017 National Trumpet Competition, highly sought-out teacher and performer in the Kansas City…

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Straight From the Factory to Your Ears: The Story of the Pickett Mouthpiece Global Empire


I had the opportunity to sit down with Peter Pickett in his shop in Lexington, KY. This interview is the real deal – CNC machine noises and everything. In it, you’ll hear Peter tell the story of the humble beginnings of Pickett Mouthpieces, how it grew to a full-time gig, the story of acquiring the…

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