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Lips Are Kind Of Important for Trumpeters, Studies Reveal.


Ken Robinson is the founder, face, and president of Robinson’s Remedies. The lips of Robinson’s Remedies is the many people who use their products to heal cold sores, relieve swelling and inflammation after a hard day on the job, and generally keep their lips in top shape to do what they love doing.Well, maybe some…

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The Show Must Go On. European Trumpeter Flourishes In Spite of COVID Restrictions (And How You Can Too)


Here are a few highlights of the conversation between James Newcomb and Floris Onstwedder:

-Adjusting fire with coronavirus lockdowns…04:05
-A thorough smackdown of the “let’s wait for the government to validate art” argument…13:43
-New opportunities to reach an audience thanks to the lockdowns…21:43

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“Play Like Everyone Else is Wrong…” Tales from CoronApocalyptic NYC w/ Augie Haas!


Augie Haas currently lives in New York City where he is a professional trumpeter, composer, and teacher. As one of the most in-demand trumpet players in New York, Augie has worked with artists including Harry Connick, Jr., The Maria Schneider Orchestra, The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, The Gil Evans Project, Birdland Big Band, various Broadway shows,…

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From Trumpeter to Singer, From Performer to Entertainer: A Deep Dive Into Life on the High Seas with Nicole Sasser!


Nicole Sasser is a truly versatile performer. Trumpeter, singer, quasi comedian. I got the chance to pick her brain on life as a cruise ship performer while she’s quarantined thanks to COVID-19 and had a terrific time in doing so. Here’s what you’ll hear in today’s show: -How Nicole first got started on trumpet…4:47 -The…

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Normalizing That Which is Novel, Coming Home to the Cornet, and Socially-Distanced Recording Projects w/ Mary Bowden


One of the great things about doing a podcast is finally putting a face and a voice with people you see posting all the time on social media. Mary Bowden is one of those go-getters who is always posting about this or that, an international tour here, a solo album there… So I decided to reach…

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Do it for Them, Not You: How to Undergo a Performance Makeover w/ Pastor Tim Conkling


“If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.” –Zig Ziglar That quote came to my mind as I was listening to my friend, pastor and mentor Tim Conkling share his experience w/ performance anxiety and how he overcame some of his own struggles with it in his younger years. Tim is an ordained…

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Soft and Slow, How Much Compromise is Too Much, Timofei Dokschizer’s Legacy and Much More w/ Sergei Nakariakov!


What can we say about Sergei Nakariakov? Brilliant performer. Stunning virtuosity and lyricism in his playing. And as you’ll find out in this episode of the show, a thoughtful and insightful thinker who has simply done things the right way when it comes to performing on the trumpet. Enjoy! In my conversation with Sergei, you’ll…

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Trumpet Chris, Daddy Chris: Life at Juilliard, How to Move Your Audience and Inside the Decision to Step Away From A Dream Gig


Imagine This… You’re playing for the minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees. You’re a professional ball player, but you’re young, wet behind the ears – and inexperienced enough to believe you can do anything.  Then one day, you get a phone call. You’ve been called up to the major league club and you’re…

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Turns Out Trumpet Soloist Really Is a Career, Leading Your Audience to Peaceful Moments, Getting Started on Piccolo, and Much More w/ Floris Onstwedder


“Trumpet soloist is an oxymoron”… We’ve heard it before. We even heard it on last week’s show w/ Patrick Oliverio. Well, Floris Onstwedder has something to say about that. At the ripe young age of 26, he’s already done some amazing things as a trumpet soloist. And I expect we’ll be hearing his name quite…

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Going Acapella, The Oxymoronic Career as Trumpet Soloist, Finding Zen in Performance and Much More w/ Patrick Oliverio.


“Average Joe?!” I asked incredulously. “Yes, I…” “Average Joe???!!!” I asked, again stupefied. When it comes to the trumpet, Patrick Oliverio is anything but average. Solo cornetist w/ the Fountain City Brass Band, awarded first place in the graduate division of the 2017 National Trumpet Competition, highly sought-out teacher and performer in the Kansas City…

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