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All Beatin’ Path Media clients receive the following:

-Access to our Beatin’ Path Media mobile app

-Unlimited email support

-One hour of coaching/consulting per quarter

-Access to the Podcast Artistry mastermind (coming soon)

Podcast setup fee – $495


  • 2 one-hour calls w/ a podcast professional to plan and customize your show
  • Setup podcast hosting with the host of your choice (libsyn, Captivate, etc.)
  • Distribute feed to all major podcast outlets (Apple, Spotify, etc.)
  • Optimize your website for your podcast (if desired)
  • Available for an additional fee
    • Podcast logo design and intro/outro voiceover a
    • Setup YouTube channel

Scope of services


  • Thorough audio editing
  • Insert intro/outro and ads (if applicable)
  • Mix/master audio
  • Deliver mp3 file to client

A 30-40 minute episode will be in the $50-75 range


All of the above plus:

  • An engaging title for each episode
  • A short (~250 word) summary of the episode
  • Time stamped highlights or major topics of the episode (ex. “The best way to write show notes…14:30)
  • Graphics created for website and social media posts
  • Hyperlinks added to show notes (provided by client)
  • Upload mp3 file to client’s podcast host (libsyn, Captivate, etc.)

A 30-40 minute episode will be in the $100-125 range


All of the above plus:

  • Create all applicable graphics
  • One audiogram from each episode
  • 4 social media posts per episode, to be distributed on the platform of your choice

A 30-40 minute episode will be in the $125-150 range


All of the above plus:

  • Thoroughly edit video (the audio version will match that of the video)
  • Publish edited video to client’s YouTube channel, or other preferred outlet like Vimeo

A 30-40 minute episode will be in the $200-225 range

**A one-hour consultation to ensure proper setup of video recording area and best practices is highly recommended

THE "BEN GREENFIELD" TREATMENT (limited availability)

All of the “Audio plus show notes” section plus:

  • A thoroughly detailed summary of the episode (click here for an example)
  • Hyperlinks to all products mentioned in the episode in show notes (great for affiliate income)
  • A full written transcript of the episode with hyperlinks to all products mentioned

Cost per episode will be determined after the client on-boarding process has been completed. The setup fee for this option is $725.

*Choose this option with extreme caution. Ben has been doing his show for over 13 years. It definitely did not start out looking like it does now and it is not cheap to produce to those standards. A better option may be to start small, focus on one specific niche, and grow your show and brand organically with the tools and platforms (and budget) that suit you and your personality.

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