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Your Podcast Is Your Baby...

...and I'm the nanny

A podcast is more than just a friendly chat between two people. It's an extension of the personality, the uniqueness of the individuals participating in it.

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing industries today. Many individuals and entrepreneurs see the value of a podcast to strengthen their brand, generate new business, or to simply share a message that is important to them.

But they're overwhelmed with the information, the technical know-how required - not to mention the time commitment - required to produce a polished and professional product.

That's where I come in.

About Me

James Newcomb - Flounder of Beatin' Path Media

I published my first podcast episode in March, 2015. Since then I've successfully launched 3 shows of my own and have published hundreds of episodes, either for myself or for my clients. 


Current Clients

- Ben Greenfield Fitness - Biweekly show in the health and fitness niche. Average ~1 million downloads per month

"James, you are bar-none the best podcast editor this world has ever known. Thanks for putting up with all my crazy requests and for turning yourself into an absolute health expert over the past few years." --Ben Greenfield

Real 510 Podcast Logo 9c 032219

"After losing our producer/editor in the middle of launching a new podcast, James immediately stepped in pulling ten shows together, and a structured release schedule that we could all work in unison to promote, and be proud of. James humbly shares his guidance and makes suggestions, always respectful of our intentions, and our unique style. James is highly organized, and miraculously transforms unbridled recordings, into a professional, well-presented podcast show." --Kim Cole, Host of Real 510

I'm currently taking on new editing clients.

If all you need is someone to slap an intro and outro onto an unedited interview, I can give you a list of names to call...

If you want a world-class product you'll be proud of and that will leave your listeners delighted with your offering and lining up to buy from you, I'm your guy.

When you hire me to edit and produce your podcast, you're working with someone with a real passion for the podcasting industry and making podcasters look and sound as polished and professional as possible, regardless of their experience level.

My rates are competitive with the rest of the podcast production industry, and my turnaround rate and quality of work is top-notch.

What I'll Do:

  • Master raw audio (interviews or solo recordings) with professional audio software.
  • Edit interviews. Finding the right balance between removing "dead space", "um's and ah's" and creating an experience that listeners will find compelling and enjoyable.
  • Add pre-recorded podcast intro and outro.
  • Insert ads (if applicable)
  • Complete show notes, including, but not limited to:
    • Episode artwork
    • Compelling copy that will make website visitors want to press "play"... and listen.
    • Adding all relevant links to resources mentioned on your show
  • Exporting and uploading episodes onto your server...
    • ID3 tags
    • Scheduling for release
    • Inserting podcast player onto show notes
  • Create redirect links so that it's simple for your listeners to remember the URL you'd like them to visit. (For example,
  • Submit your podcast to platforms such as Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, etc. (if necessary)

What You'll Do:

  • Record raw audio 
  • Record sponsor advertisements (if applicable)
  • Export the raw files into a cloud based storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

In other words...You press record, I do the rest.

Got Questions about my services or my rates? Drop me a line.

I look forward to talking with you.

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