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"So many of you have asked me about how the audio quality on my show is so dialed in. Well, let me tell you about my editor, James Newcomb.

James manages, soup to nuts, a ton of aspects of my podcast, all of the submission to all the different feeds, all the technical nitty-gritty when things go wrong. He makes all the guests sound amazing. He makes all the audio perfectly aligned or at the correct levels.

Check him out. He's the real deal, baby."

-Ben Greenfield

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The Digital RE Digest
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"After losing our producer in the middle of launching a new podcast, James immediately stepped in. He quickly prepared pulled a total of ten episodes for release, and helped us create a structured release schedule that we could all work in unison to promote, and be proud of.

James humbly shares his guidance and makes suggestions, always respectful of our intentions, and our unique style. He is highly organized, and miraculously transforms unbridled recordings, into a professional, well-presented show."

-Kim Cole

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