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Why You Should Quit Worrying About “Adding Value”

“Add value!” say all the business and entrepreneur types on their podcasts, emails, blogs, YouTubes, and the like.

Funny thing is all these podcasts, blogs, videos, etc. look, sound and feel exactly the same as every other podcast, blog and YouTube video out there.

It’s as though it’s a race to see who can be the best at copying the Facebook Guru of the Month. Follow the template these gurus establish, then do it with more energy, more frequency, more contrived pizzazz than the next guy or gal.

Sana and I discuss this concept of “adding value” to stuff we put out in this week’s podcast. Not to give away who killed Professor Plum in the library before the game begins, but we take issue with the concept of “adding value” to our content the way many seem to view it.

BTW, Here’s the poem by Rumi that Sana mentioned

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