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Society Rises and Falls to the Level of Its Art

(James) While I was living in Vietnam earlier this year, Sana and I went to a shopping mall to just hang out. It was very odd that the mall was playing kids music – think Wheels On the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, stuff like that.

We discussed this on today’s podcast. While Sana’s rationale as to why the mall management would do that makes sense, it got me to thinking about how mainstream art as a whole has degraded to what it is today.

Seriously… Does anyone think that Justin Timberlake holds a candle to Simon and Garfunkel, George Gershwin, Mozart, etc. when it comes to artistic integrity.

Those cats were the Justin Timberlake of their time as far as popularity, cultural “relevance” and such.

Think about that.

The decline we see in social norms, off the charts anxiety and depression, mass shootings, etc. along with this decline in artistic integrity is not a coincidence.

And now the arts are basically at a standstill during the COVID-19 era.

Sana and I touched on this briefly, but truth be told, I wished we would have gone much longer on this one.

I guess that’s the beauty of a podcast. You can always fill in the gaps next week, right?


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