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How NOT to Pitch Your Product, The True Meaning of Entertainment, and Lessons from Walter White for Real-Life Media Producers: Two Podcasters Geek Out on Podcasting and Life!

Well, Sana got a week off this week. She’s got another week to devise ways to exploit James’ weaknesses to gain the upper hand in their on-show banter.

But this one is a doozy. James interviewed his friend and fellow podcast host Jason Heath this past week. Jason is a professional symphony bassist and hosts a show called Contrabass Conversations. Jason “gets it” when it comes to tribe-building and building community around a podcast. His show generates over one million downloads per year at last count!

So he knows a thing or two about running a successful podcast, and is always game for a friendly chat to talk business, media production and life.

Among the more salient points in our discussion:

-Why a podcast is like your baby…5:00

-People are into you, not the topic…7:30

-Why put out content when there’s already so much out there?…10:00

-Your hero podcaster didn’t start out as a rock star…13:00

-The true meaning of entertainment..18:40

-How to kill your credibility while pitching your product…29:10

-An unconventional route to success in the digital media world…40:15

Check out Jason’s work at

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