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CALLED OUT! Local Boy No Longer Able to Keep Quiet on Father’s Terrible Sushi

“Your sushi is terrible!” said Gabriel, 6, to his father, James Newcomb.

So it goes in James’ rented apartment on the oceanfront of Virginia Beach, VA while he awaits the arrival of his wife Shafieh (Sana) Dorry when her visa to reside in the United States is approved by the State Department.

The recent failed attempt at making sushi is the latest in a string of culinary mishaps which has befallen James and Gabriel. Police reports reveal responses to complaints of burnt blueberry pancakes, overdone turkey bacon, and meat in a spaghetti sauce with the texture of an Adidas running sneaker.

Sana’s arrival in the U.S. will be most welcome, not only to bring a degree of competence into the kitchen, but to finally unite a young child and his stepmother, with whom he has corresponded only via video chat since March 2019.

When this podcast went to press, James was seen poring over a Betty Crocker™ cookbook planning dinner.

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