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Is a Spotify Strategy In the Works For Your Show?


Recently, a client of mine with a very large following (you probably know which one) asked me to look into the wisdom of adopting a specific strategy for Spotify. In case you didn’t hear, mega-successful podcast host Joe Rogan signed a massive deal w/ Spotify ($100 million) to host his show exclusively on the platform for a set amount of time, the length escapes me at the moment. My client’s reasoning is that since massive numbers of listeners will be now be heading to Spotify to listen to Rogan – since he won’t be available anywhere else come 1 Nov –…

Trip to Thailand February 2020


Sana and James visited Thailand in February 2020, a short two hour flight from Hanoi. Thailand is where Sana’s mother lives, and we were blessed to be able to spend a significant amount of time with her. Here are a few photos of our journey. It’s fascinating how the cultural icons of the U.S. are adapted to suit the Thai culture (the samurai Colonel Sanders, and the smiling Ronald McDonald)

Taiwan Trip January 2020


Sana and James took a trip to Taiwan in January 2020, to visit friends, see the sights… and get married. Although we were not “legally” married until a later date, it is the date we consider to be our “legit” date of marriage in the eyes of God – or whatever Bill Nye the Science Guy calls God. IMG_5245

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