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Is a Spotify Strategy In the Works For Your Show?

Recently, a client of mine with a very large following (you probably know which one) asked me to look into the wisdom of adopting a specific strategy for Spotify. In case you didn’t hear, mega-successful podcast host Joe Rogan signed a massive deal w/ Spotify ($100 million) to host his show exclusively on the platform for…

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James and Sana Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments

Everyone’s got one…

No, I’m not talking about your belly button or your opinion on the pace of reopening society from the COVID-19 issue.

I’m talking about embarrassing moments — that we’re okay sharing publicly. I have plenty of moments that will remain with me only for all time. But Sana and I have also made some pretty bone-headed moves that in hindsight are pretty funny.

I guess as long as no one gets hurt, it’s okay to laugh, right?


The Fuel that Drives the KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Model Vehicle

“I’m not good at sales,” many people say. 

The truth is, if you have a pulse, you sell. It may not be selling real estate or toilet paper to the local shopping mall, but you’ve got to sell. It could be a child selling his parents on why a cookie before dinner is a good idea. It could be a job interview where you’re selling the person or people on why they should pay you for your services.

It seems that some people are “naturals” when it comes to selling. While these people perhaps have a certain charisma in their personality that others lack, the truth is truly successful sales people have learned and mastered 6 attributes. You may use different words from what I’m using, but it’s the principles I want to focus on, not semantics. 

These attributes cause people to Know, Like and Trust (KLT) you. The more of them you can employ in any situation where you’re selling yourself or a product/service, the better off you’ll be.

I liken this to a vehicle. Think of the KLT as the model of the car you drive while you’re selling – be it a job interview, selling a course, an audition for the community theater production, lining up a gig at the local coffee shop, selling coaching services, you get the idea. It’s what gets you from Point A (no sale) to Point B (the other party is buying).

Any product needs this vehicle. And the higher the value of the product, the more reliable it needs to be.

Now, there are 6 attributes, or elements which I liken to the “fuel” for your KLT vehicle. These things are indispensable for powering the KLT vehicle, and the more of them you can use, the more reliable the vehicle will be. I realize that other words could be used in their place, and there may be one or two other attributes you can think of that I didn’t. Whatever the case may be, this list does a good job of summing up the issue.

So here they are:

  1. Expert authority
  2. Likability
  3. Commitment and consistency
  4. Reciprocation
  5. Social proof
  6. Scarcity

Steal or Steel? How Your Outlook Guides You Through Difficult Circumstances

James Newcomb and wife Sana Dorry discuss how our reactions and our mindset determine how our circumstances affect our quality of life, particularly when circumstances go awry.

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