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Lips Are Kind Of Important for Trumpeters, Studies Reveal.

Ken Robinson is the founder, face, and president of Robinson’s Remedies. The lips of Robinson’s Remedies is the many people who use their products to heal cold sores, relieve swelling and inflammation after a hard day on the job, and generally keep their lips in top shape to do what they love doing.

Well, maybe some of his customers don’t love playing trumpet. They do it because it pays the bills.

That’s okay. We won’t judge. Maybe the Trumpet Dynamics podcast will bring the joy back to their weary hearts, and Ken’s stuff will keep the lips fresh.

Whatever it takes to keep the music flowing like milk and honey in the promised land, right?

In my conversation with Ken, you’ll hear:

-About his new album he’s producing with all this time on his hands thanks to the COVID-19 lockdowns…01:45

-All trumpets are actually cornets…05:30

-James’ latest mishap involving The Trumpet Shall Sound…10:00

-Fixing bad habits during a long layoff from the horn…13:00

The fascinating ingredients and physiological effects of the Lip Renew product…17:12

-Looking on the bright side w/ no gigs on the horizon…21:45

**I’m a proud affiliate of Robinson’s Remedies. I hope you’ll take advantage of their special sale for Black Friday, where you can get one product for free when you buy one of equal or lesser value.






Just visit their website, and tell them the Trumpet Dynamics podcast sent you over!

CALLED OUT! Local Boy No Longer Able to Keep Quiet on Father’s Terrible Sushi

“Your sushi is terrible!” said Gabriel, 6, to his father, James Newcomb.

So it goes in James’ rented apartment on the oceanfront of Virginia Beach, VA while he awaits the arrival of his wife Shafieh (Sana) Dorry when her visa to reside in the United States is approved by the State Department.

The recent failed attempt at making sushi is the latest in a string of culinary mishaps which has befallen James and Gabriel. Police reports reveal responses to complaints of burnt blueberry pancakes, overdone turkey bacon, and meat in a spaghetti sauce with the texture of an Adidas running sneaker.

Sana’s arrival in the U.S. will be most welcome, not only to bring a degree of competence into the kitchen, but to finally unite a young child and his stepmother, with whom he has corresponded only via video chat since March 2019.

When this podcast went to press, James was seen poring over a Betty Crocker™ cookbook planning dinner.

The Show Must Go On. European Trumpeter Flourishes In Spite of COVID Restrictions (And How You Can Too)

Conversations like this inspire me to pick up my horn, turn on my iPhone camera and just hit “record” and see what happens.

Floris Onstwedder is a trumpet soloist based in The Netherlands and Switzerland. In normal circumstances, he plays the finest concert halls in the world with his stunning virtuosity and lyricism on the trumpet.

In “other than normal” circumstances, Floris remains undeterred from sharing his gifts with the world. And although the present conditions are far from optimal, he has discovered new ways to share his gifts and build a following around the world.

Here are a few highlights of the conversation between James Newcomb and Floris Onstwedder:

-Adjusting fire with coronavirus lockdowns…04:05

-A thorough smackdown of the “let’s wait for the government to validate art” argument…13:43

-New opportunities to reach an audience thanks to the lockdowns…21:43

A Persian Lesson for the Dumb American, Brushing One Tooth at a Time, and The Real Source of Wisdom on this Podcast

**This just may be the most important podcast episode of our lifetimes.

We’re certain that if you listen to this episode, you’ll find something of value in it.

Thing is, we’re not exactly sure where.

Sana gave James an introductory lesson in the Persian language, we discussed the best way to boil potatoes, and even managed to squeeze in a discussion on Biblical history among other topics.


Society Rises and Falls to the Level of Its Art

(James) While I was living in Vietnam earlier this year, Sana and I went to a shopping mall to just hang out. It was very odd that the mall was playing kids music – think Wheels On the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, stuff like that.

We discussed this on today’s podcast. While Sana’s rationale as to why the mall management would do that makes sense, it got me to thinking about how mainstream art as a whole has degraded to what it is today.

Seriously… Does anyone think that Justin Timberlake holds a candle to Simon and Garfunkel, George Gershwin, Mozart, etc. when it comes to artistic integrity.

Those cats were the Justin Timberlake of their time as far as popularity, cultural “relevance” and such.

Think about that.

The decline we see in social norms, off the charts anxiety and depression, mass shootings, etc. along with this decline in artistic integrity is not a coincidence.

And now the arts are basically at a standstill during the COVID-19 era.

Sana and I touched on this briefly, but truth be told, I wished we would have gone much longer on this one.

I guess that’s the beauty of a podcast. You can always fill in the gaps next week, right?


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