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James Newcomb and Sana Dorry: Partners in Business and in Life

We were married in January, 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan, and are currently going through the process of obtaining a visa for Sana to live in the United States. We began this business because of our shared love of teaching/coaching, communication, and enabling others to achieve their goals in their life and business.

James: I'm a professional musician. I spent 8 years employed by the U.S. Army as a trumpet player. As a civilian, I often perform in local symphony orchestras in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. I have a 6 year old son who loves video games, playing on the beach, and is a borderline prodigious singer.

I became aware of the podcasting medium from Tom Woods in 2013-14, who's show I listened to every weekday. One day Tom had as a guest on his show John Lee Dumas, the host of the successful Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast, and it piqued my interest in getting into the game myself. I joined John's program Podcasters Paradise on January 1, 2015 and published my first episode of a show titled Outside the Music Box on March 15.

I immediately fell in love with the podcasting medium. I found opportunities to scratch my creative "itch" that are not possible as an instrumental musician. Whether it's designing graphics, honing interviewing skills, writing entertaining emails for the Beatin’ Path Media newsletter, or simply hearing others' amazing stories behind their business or passion in life, it's a very fulfilling and rewarding career.

Now that I've been around the block a few times, and have amassed a bit of knowledge on podcasting, business, marketing, and life in general, I'm excited to share what I've learned with others so they can be empowered to speak their own truth to the world.

Sana:It is amazing how podcasting brought James and I closer to each other.

When James is not with me, he often communicates with me through a podcast he created "for my ears only." I noticed how his passion brought so much freedom in his life and in our relationship. Although we've been physically apart for most of our relationship thus far, I feel our soul was connected because of his passion for what he does. Not only sharing his ideas and plans for our future but also creating a firm foundation for our new nuclear family. I feel the affirmation in his tone of voice and how committed he is in this relationship.

As an educator, I always kept this as my motivation and motto that whatever I do or create should benefit generations to come rather than work towards self-gratification, power, fame, or money. That is what I saw in James, that what he values in life is way above and beyond earthly delights.

So, here I am in partnership with him in life and this Media business. I found my career and profession has been so resourceful that I am able to create reflective learning as an added value to my lectures. I can build trust between my students and me, and give them some extra knowledge or personal experiences that cannot be experienced during class. Apart from that, I can freely share my ideas and opinions and give my students the time they need to process what I've said without criticizing me in my face.

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