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James Newcomb - Founder of
James Newcomb - Founder of

I first started in June, 2016. I had a day-long mentoring and masterminding session with a heavy hitter in the podcasting/entrepreneurship world, and Musicpreneur: Making Money Making Music™ is what we came up with.

I began a podcast by that name in January, 2017, and it went for approximately 18 months. In September, 2018, while going through some personal challenges, I discontinued the podcast, and the musicpreneur brand in general.

My biggest obstacle throughout the first iteration of the podcast was getting musicians to relate to the world "entrepreneur". It seemed to cause quite a bit of cognitive dissonance for musicians to think of their craft as a "product" to sell to others.

As a musician myself, I can definitely relate to that. When your music is purely transactional, it can be soul-crushing.

But try as I might, I just couldn't get musicians to understand that entrepreneurship is so much more than simply making money. Money is an indicator of your aptitude and competence in whatever you're doing. In fact, any entrepreneur who sells anything will tell you that if your focus is just on the money, you're going to burn out quickly.

You need to focus on two things: Value, and Impact.

If you do, the money will naturally follow.

And of course, you have to know how to play your axe 🙂

Between September, 2018 and June 2020, I experimented with various ventures that had to do with podcast and online entrepreneurship. But nothing really held my interest. I had since begun a small agency of sorts editing other people's podcasts, and was (and am) rather content doing it.

I love being a part of someone sharing their message, or mission with others, and podcasting is a very powerful way to do just that.

But inevitably, I got the itch to once again have a podcast of my own. I brainstormed various ideas, but MUSICPRENEUR just kept coming back. (I had even considered allowing the registration for to lapse, but something inside me said to hang on to it, you just never know 😉

So here we are once again. My personal challenges I was dealing with when I quit in 2018 are more or less behind me. I can give this website, podcast, app, etc. the attention it needs and deserves.

Oh, and that issue of musicians relating to entrepreneurship? I realized it's actually a good thing. You see, one of the things my mentor taught me over and over and over was to "niche down." The beauty of having a somewhat polarizing title is it so clearly identifies who should and shouldn't be a part of the MUSICPRENEUR tribe.

If the idea of music being a product is offensive to you, you probably won't like what you hear and read on this website.

If however you see music as a powerful way to move people, to make an impact, and also see the power of free market principles (i.e. entrepreneurship) to share that message...

You're in the right place.

I was recently watching the movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe. Crowe's "mentor" was a slave owner, but had at one time been a slave himself. He told Crowe's character the story of how he won his freedom.

It was by winning over the crowd.

"Win the crowd, win your freedom."

Thanks for stopping by the website. I hope you'll check out the podcast, and the MUSICPRENEUR app. There's much more to share; come join in!

--James Newcomb, Founder

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